Who is SRVENT?

SRVENT (Spencer Richard) is a rap artist, producer, and freelancer based in Edson, AB, Canada. He also works in Artist Development for ArtistPro, a Los Angeles based educational company for independent artists.

Before all the music videos, projects, performing, and freelance ever came to be, Spencer started his journey with music when he was very little. His earliest memories were of him slapping the piano keys in his parents basement.

A typical middle child (three brothers), he found ways to seek attention and affirmation by singing and making dance routines in the living-room for company, composing wordless pieces for the piano, signing up for every Air-Band competition at his school, making LEGO creations for days, and writing stories on a blue screen in what would be now considered an ancient device. But what might have started as attention-seeking led to the fortunate discovery of his passion for creativity.

The piano gradually became his instrument to process emotions, and eventually around the age of 10 he was enrolled in piano lessons. When he rebelled against learning how to read music, his parents and teacher conspired to help him develop his natural ear and composition abilities. This became the foundation for much of his musical growth and while that was definitely a good thing, he still can’t read music.

His introduction to rap was hearing Eminem blaring from his older brother’s bedroom when he was in 6th grade. At the time, rap was considered to be inappropriate for the household and so his love affair with it had to go underground. Though widely accepted now, it should be stressed that at the time—Eminem had an alarming effect on middle-class families in rural Alberta. Spencer guarded his hidden CD’s and eventually tried writing secret rap lyrics in Grade 8. For the good of humanity, these will never surface.

As an aspiring fiction writer, the young author delved into poetry and found love for it too, but it didn’t blossom until he picked up the guitar at the age of 17 and taught himself how to play. He started writing songs with words the same day he learned his first chords. With every new song he found himself quickening the lyrics and tightening the internal rhymes, slowly growing in confidence and skill. It took another five years of this, keeping rap as his relatively secret love affair, before it started to come out publicly.

Spencer married his wife at the age of 23 and two years later, with his first born daughter nearing the age of 1, he put forth a Kickstarter to help him purchase professional music software. He was ready to take the leap into producing.

The Kickstarter was funded and after 3 years of toil and learning, Spencer released his debut project, a 15-track album called ‘Identity’.

Identity became the launchpad for his career as SRVENT. Self-produced, mixed and mastered, it was proof that he could accomplish what he set out to do and it did nothing but propel him into further creative territory. He was suddenly in the realm of performing, and while he had some stage experience through various talent shows and the like, here he was performing poetic essays in front of audiences, working up a sweat and feeling the hit of connection that only a true artist knows. He was getting booked for the occasional festival and learning how to grow into his role as an independent artist. All the while he worked through various day-time jobs and being a full-time dad. There was, and is for SRVENT, rarely a dull moment…

Classifying his music, however, has been an interesting process. His listeners are sometimes divided over what defines his music best because of its diversity. Thankfully, there is some agreement. As SRVENT, his music is usually a blend of hyper-lyrical Hip-Hop mixed with wildly varying production. No two songs sound the same. His lyrics are deep and sometimes painfully honest, though not without some humour, and his live performances are always characterized by intense passion and energy. His music is rich in emotion and full of complex imagery. He approaches rap as a true story-teller, always infusing a cohesive narrative and doing his best to make it worth the time of his listeners.

A later example of this was his 7-track EP, ‘Ammunition‘. A piece examining the relationship between hope and purpose.
And the most recent example of his story-telling through music can be found in his other 7-track EP, ‘Battle Angel’, which was released on March 24th, 2020.

Going forward, SRVENT continues to engage on social media, perform, pump out new music (and videos), all the while as he works with other artists as an occasional producer and collaborator. He spends time otherwise doing commercial video work that, among many things, helps him continue to learn and grow in his ability to create meaningful art.

He is grateful to those who take the time to share his music and follow him on social media. He is especially grateful to those who choose to support him through his Patreon, which you an learn about here.



November, 2017 – 1st Place Winner of ‘The Red Room’ remix contest put on by Red Label Records and the UK producer, LX Xander. His entry can be viewed on YouTube here.

April, 2018 – 1st Place Winner for the Yellowhead Regional Arts Festival (Film Category). His entry was the music video for his song, ‘Little Boy ft. Adam Renard‘.