Great things happening for Srvent

The Edson Leader – Monday, April 1st, 2019

It’s been a busy year so far for hip-hop/rapper Spencer Richard, aka Srvent.

The Edson native just shot another video entitled, Put Me in a Box. The video was filmed at the Nova Theatre in Edson on March 16.

“We filmed it entirely at the theatre but we didn’t use the auditorium,” said Richard.

He added filming took place in the places where theatre goers don’t usually go, the basement and behind the screen.

Behind the camera was friend Brad Tuftin and Spencer’s wife Becky.

“It was definitely a group effort,” Richard said.

The new video will be available in mid- to late-April. He explained the urgency is needed to fit within Spotify timelines.

Richard said he also recorded a new tune, an acoustic version of a Johnny Cash-like song. The song will be available on Facebook and Instagram.

“Put Me in a Box will be the official video. It’s about how my creativity is hard to fit in a box.”

Recently Richard conducted a workshop session for 15 youngsters at the Edson Baptist Church, outlining his craft and his life. He found it to be a surreal experience.

“It was very surreal to have kids looking up to you. They asked me to sign their caps and backpacks.”

Earlier this year Srvent performed at the Arts on Fire Mayor’s Event in Hinton on March 1. He met Mayor Marcel Micheals and others in the Hinton and area arts community.

“I’ve done four performances.”

Richard also performed at Adamstock in Lamont, a benefit for families coping with a cancer diagnosis. He also performed there in 2018.

The Edson artist also has some work lined up with a producer in California.

“I’m working with a producer in LA who’s a friend of mine. It involves a shorter project for this summer. I’m also working on another album.”

Richard said his life is a little overwhelming right now as he takes care of his daughters during the day and works in the evening. Plus an aspect associated with the business makes him a little uncomfortable.

“I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone – more marketing. It’s been a learning curve.”

He’s also taken a 20-day hiatus from social media so he can concentrate more on his current career path.

Edson’s Srvent ready for a hip hop breakthrough

The Hinton Parklander & The Edson Leader – Monday, Novemeber 19th, 2018

With a successful appearance at a Calgary night club and a new video about to come out, hip hop/rap artist Srvent, aka Spencer Richard, could be in for an active 2019.

The Edson resident recently played the Marquee Beer Market and the vibe and feel was different from what he’s used to.

“It went really well- it was different from my regular kind of show.”

The loud music in the club was more in line with what a hip hop show is supposed to be, Richard said.

With the Variety of hip hop artists present, the DJs on stage, and the California vibe, Richard experienced an even stronger connection to the hip hop scene. Continue reading “Edson’s Srvent ready for a hip hop breakthrough”

Performing his truth

The Hinton Voice – Thursday, October 18, 2018

Spencer Richard is putting it all out there on his debut album and he’s returning to the town he called home for an Oct. 19 show at The Old Grind to promote his music.

Richard, now living, working and raising a family in Edson, spent his formative years in Hinton and won Hinton Idolz in 2006. The album, Identity, was released in June and chronicles his trials and tribulations through the years.

“It’s my own personal journey about jumping from adolescence to adulthood and my experiences with anxiety, depression, and addiction. It’s not all dark, there’s humour. It’s just my journey, but I think… hopefully… there’s something there that connects with people. There are universal messages,” Richard told The Voice in a phone interview. Continue reading “Performing his truth”

Edson hip hop artist to unveil his new album next month

The Edson Leader – Monday, May 14, 2018

Edson hip hop artist SRVENT (Sir’vent – Spencer Richard) will soon be releasing his new album.

Richard, who recently released his new video, said he plans to release the new album on June 15 with a launch party in Edmonton at the Aviary – 95 Street and Jasper Avenue.

“It will also be launched digitally on the same day,” said Richard.

SRVENT wrote and produced all tracks. He spent three years working on the album. In all, he considered about 30 songs for the album, paring them down to 15.

“I get very, very personal on the album,” Richard said. “I think it’s important to be authentic.” Continue reading “Edson hip hop artist to unveil his new album next month”

Local Rap artist draws crowd with Edmonton performance

The Weekly Anchor – Monday, January 22, 2018

The name SRVENT has been getting a lot of recognition and for good reason, the up-and-comer is making a name for himself, and fans are travelling great distance to see him perform.

On January 12, Spencer Richard (SRVENT) a local Edson artist was a huge hit at the Mercury Room in Edmonton. He performed an opening set for the band “Form 10” and later he joined them on stage during their headline act where they became his backup band for one of his songs.

Fans from Edson, Hinton, and Edmonton packed the Mercury Room and were not disappointed as all the bands, including additional openers “Ends in Tragedy” and “The Pits”, delivered an outstanding performance. Continue reading “Local Rap artist draws crowd with Edmonton performance”

Piano prodigy found hip hop and rap in his teens

The Edson Leader – Monday, December 11, 2017

Be who you are. Represent what you love.

Spencer Richard was told he was a piano prodigy at a young age, but it wasn’t until his early 20’s when he proclaimed his love of rap and hip-hop music.

The 27-year-old, known as his rap moniker SRVENT, has been writing and composing music his whole life. What began with piano compositions grew into songs and lyrics while playing guitar. What many didn’t know was that deep down Richard wanted to be a rap artist.

Continue reading “Piano prodigy found hip hop and rap in his teens”

SRVENT video represents homecoming

The Hinton Voice – Thursday, November 23, 2017

The West Fraser Guild Performing Arts Theatre of Hinton (PATH) will play host to a music video shoot Nov. 26 for an artist who has Hinton roots.

Spencer Richard called Hinton home between Grade 4 and the age of 20, and now calls Edson hone. He returns to Hinton on Sunday to shoot the video as SRVENT, a rap artist, for a new track that will see local Adam Renard provide some accompanying vocals.

“Hinton is where I spent my formative years … it’s always felt like home. I am really excited to get into the new venue and shoot this video,” Richard said.

Continue reading “SRVENT video represents homecoming”