The Edson Leader – Monday, May 14, 2018

Edson hip hop artist SRVENT (Sir’vent – Spencer Richard) will soon be releasing his new album.

Richard, who recently released his new video, said he plans to release the new album on June 15 with a launch party in Edmonton at the Aviary – 95 Street and Jasper Avenue.

“It will also be launched digitally on the same day,” said Richard.

SRVENT wrote and produced all tracks. He spent three years working on the album. In all, he considered about 30 songs for the album, paring them down to 15.

“I get very, very personal on the album,” Richard said. “I think it’s important to be authentic.”

Later this year Richard wants to do shows in Edson and Hinton. Venues have yet to be announced.

“I feel like I have some draw in both places and I want to perform in both places.”

You may wonder how Richard arrived at the name SRVENT. The letters S and R are the initials of his first and last name. The Vent part describes part of his life journey so far.

“How I see my music is kind of like a release,” said Richard. “I had a somewhat troubled adolescence.  I didn’t know how to handle my emotions and depression. So my outlets weren’t very constructive – so I poured it into music.”

Richard said he’s a creator, and if he’s not creating he’s not himself.

“Sometimes it’s a coping mechanism,” he said.

For his musical inspiration Richard looked up to Eminem (Marshall Mathers).

Regina Spektor, a Russian born American singer is a current artist that Richard admires. The classically trained pianist’s musical styles include anti-folk and indie pop.

For those not familiar with hip hop and rap Richard said hip hop is more mainstream than rap.

“It’s a really large tent where many genres fall under.”

He explained that rap is the technique often used in hip hop.

Hip hop and rap aren’t really new genres he said as Hank Snow employed a form of it in the iconic country song, I’ve Been Everywhere.

“That’s rap in my opinion – a spoken cadence,” Richard said.

SRVENT’s latest video, Drive It Like You Stole It (The Glitch Mob Remix) is a re-do of the song from The Glitch Mob. That song was instrumental only but Richard has added lyrics.

“Ultimately I think it’s about my rap career. I think a lot of it is processing my angst – just starting to get established as an artist – locally and in the Edson area.”

The video was filmed in Edson and utilizes a lot of Edson landmarks; 50 Street, Centennial Park, featuring Eddie the Squirrel statue, and Willmore Park.

Richard was hard to miss for locals in much of the video as he adorned himself in red and white onsie pyjamas, pulling a red plastic wagon.

Being an Edson hip hop artist is not an easy thing to do as the public has certain perceptions.

“Some people don’t think I’m a legitimate rap artist because I’m not well known or because I’m from a smaller community, not the inner city,” said Richard.

No matter what peoples opinions are doesn’t really matter, said Richard because, in the end, he thinks he is a rapper.