The Hinton Parklander & The Edson Leader – Monday, Novemeber 19th, 2018

With a successful appearance at a Calgary night club and a new video about to come out, hip hop/rap artist Srvent, aka Spencer Richard, could be in for an active 2019.

The Edson resident recently played the Marquee Beer Market and the vibe and feel was different from what he’s used to.

“It went really well- it was different from my regular kind of show.”

The loud music in the club was more in line with what a hip hop show is supposed to be, Richard said.

With the Variety of hip hop artists present, the DJs on stage, and the California vibe, Richard experienced an even stronger connection to the hip hop scene.

“The show went well. My set went well,” Richard said. “People there were really impressed with it and invited me and my wife to the VIP area for bottle service. That I’m not used to at all. It was very interesting- very diffferent.”

He said the gig was a big learning experience to see other artists performing hip hop. Richard said the experience gave him new ideas.

Richard also realized that a good portion of his followers wouldn’t have likely been comfortable in that kind of club scene. Nevertheless he said it w as a good way to reach other hip hop listeners.

“[Some] people are really into the heavy banging and loudness of it all,” noted Richard. “It’s different and I need to perform well in that kind of environment too as well as in traditional coffee houses.”

Richard noted the stage at the club was incredible- two bars with a stage in between and a dance floor.

“Very big acts have performed there. Obie Trice will perform there in December.”

Trice is an American rapper and song-writer from Detroit. He has performed with D12 and Eminem. Trice ,unlike other rappers, uses his real name- not a pseudonym.

“Edson has a country music bent but hip hop music has its fans,” Richard said. “Hip hop is bigger here than most people realize. When people think of Edson they don’t traditionally think of hip hop. It’s the most widely listened to genre of music globally.”

Many people don’t think a smaller centre like Edson can be a home to hip hop and rap artists, he said.

“I would like to break that stigma.”

Richard has connected with rappers and producers in the States. The Edmonton born artist, who grew up in Hinton, and is a producer said he has had a couple of his songs played in the US to “very favourable comments.”

The feedback Richard has is that “he has something very different going on.”

Some have said I have a very Eminem cadence at times, he said.

Being yourself is important in the music world- and rap, hip hop is no exception.

“I think that’s a good place to be because I’m authentic and not trying to be something I’m not,” said Richard.

Not sounding like anybody else is a good thing, he added.

Richard doesn’t believe in stereotypes when it comes to hip hop. You don’t have to be from a city or have to speak in slang in order succeed.

“I just don’t think that’s true for me. I don’t want to fit in- I just want to be myself.”

His new video, Fear No More, will be coming out Nov. 23. The video will feature footage shot in the Vancouver and White Rock area, and has been in the works for about two years.

“A lot of peoplep have regarded it as one of the best on the album. It’s very passionate and one of my darkest songs. It will be a dark video. And I also hope, my most beautiful. The amount of work and passion that went into it- it really shows,” said Richard.

“I think it will really connect with people.”

His goal for 2019 is to perform at twice as many festivals than in 2018.

Check out for his latest music and videos.