SRVENT Freelance

I started to learn videography from my desire to produce high quality music videos for my career as a rap artist. I’ve been working with Filmmakers since 2016 in various capacity but all along the way I’ve been learning.

I have yet to stop learning.

Frankly, I love film. This visual form of art is always thrilling for me to be involved with. I conceive of how a video might look sometimes when writing or producing the music for it, and one of the most reliable sources of inspiration for me creatively is good cinema.

While several of my music videos were collaborative efforts with the likes of people such as Kevin Rosmer (from Black Road Pictures) and later Brad Tuftin (of Tumbling T Productions), eventually I started to put up my own offerings. I enlisted my wife to work the camera when I was the subject, but mounted the responsibility of direction and editing. Here’s a list of some of the video work I’ve done in the past:

  • Realtor Video (and photography)
  • Music Festival Re-cap Promotion
  • Business Bio Videos
  • Interview-style videos
  • Event coverage
  • Music Videos
  • Vlog-style

This list is not exhaustive though and I’m always trying and accomplishing new styles of film. I edit all my own work through Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Photoshop and am constantly researching ways to improve as an editor.

When something is out of my area of expertise, I either learn how to do it or enlist professional help. A good example of this is drone footage; while I don’t operate a drone personally, I contract it out to my talented (and licensed) business partners when required.

To see specific examples of my work, to contact previous clients for reference, or to contact me about services, pricing, or even just to chat and generate some ideas for video content that will benefit your business, reach out to through social media or email:

My path into music production was linear but jet-fuelled. I started as a composer for the piano when I was toddler and then gradually grew in technique and ability over the course of my life, picking up guitar and ukulele along the way. Now at the tender age of 29, I’ve got multiple music projects under my belt for myself and others, and many more on the way.

Producing music is one of my top favourite things to do in the world and though I usually do it with a giant smile on my face, I take it very seriously. I love learning how to engineer as well as create. I began working through Ableton Live in 2016 and since then I haven’t looked back. Some services I offer in this sphere are:

  • Music production
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Studio time (in Edson, AB)
  • Artist Development
  • Music Video work

Now I’ll be honest, when it comes to producing original music or working with other artists, I’m very selective. This aspect of my creative services is only available for people whose music I truly enjoy and think is worthwhile. I know how to look for potential too, so don’t worry if you don’t feel that what you have going isn’t totally dialed in—part of my job is to help you build that potential into something great.

One of the defining moments I ever had as a sound engineer was paying a professional in Edmonton to mix/master two of my tracks while secretly mixing and mastering it myself on the side. I then sent each version of the song to professionals and friends without telling them which was the “professionally” mastered version. My attempts were chosen over theirs as the best every time.

Making music is my pride and joy and I’m always thrilled to be a part of something I find to be well done, inspiring, bad-ass or beautiful.

To hear specific examples of my music work, to contact previous clients for reference, or to contact myself about services, pricing, or even just to chat about what you’re trying to accomplish through music, reach out to me through social media or email: