The Weekly Anchor – Monday, October 2, 2017

Rap artist SRVENT was out filming a music video in Edson and Willmore Park with local filmakers Brad Turfin and Kieth Cook, on September 23.

The music video is for a song on SRVENT’s upcoming debut album, “Meant to Bleed” and it features the British talent, Fran Minney. The song is a collaboration between the two artists and it tackles the issues of hope versus despair.

Spencer Richard (stage name SRVENT), said, “The music video came together with Fran writing the hook and bridge after I sent her the track with the first two verses. We had a bit of back and forth and we adjusted a few things, then I wrote the third verse in a way that speaks directly to her words and wrapped the song up with her and I doing some back and forth.”

“It isn’t your typical rap song where the beautiful singer sings and the rapper raps and everybody high-fives and calls it a day, it’s more like a dialogue between two sides of your own self,” said Richard.

Spencer recently moved to Edson to raise his family. He originally grew up in Hinton but spent the last several years in Edmonton. His claim to local fame was back in 2006 when he won the Hinton Idolz talent show by popular vote and got to perform in the opening ceremonies of the Alberta Winter Games of the same year.

Since then, his background of piano composition slowly evolved into the rap artist he is today. His music is described as lyrically rich Hip-Hop, Rap with contemporary and pop elements. In addition to performing, he produces his own music and hopes to work with other local artists someday, helping them develop their own voice.

Brad Tuftin is a local Edson filmaker who runs Tumbling T Productions with his wife Krystal and friend Travis James. He films many of the rodeos in Alberta, specializing in Alpha Bull, Gringo Bulls, and Rank Mini Pony. He’s racked up a couple million veiws on his videos online and was looking to get back into music videos when SRVENT reached out to him.

Keith Cook is a filmaker local to Hinton with Above Ground UAC Photography and Video which he owns. Keith has had many years experience with aerial video and photography in the Oilfield, forestry, TV industry and more. “Local artist promotion is an area that excites me a great deal and it’s a great feeling when you know you have helped that artist become recognized,” said Cook.

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