The Hinton Voice – Thursday, October 18, 2018

Spencer Richard is putting it all out there on his debut album and he’s returning to the town he called home for an Oct. 19 show at The Old Grind to promote his music.

Richard, now living, working and raising a family in Edson, spent his formative years in Hinton and won Hinton Idolz in 2006. The album, Identity, was released in June and chronicles his trials and tribulations through the years.

“It’s my own personal journey about jumping from adolescence to adulthood and my experiences with anxiety, depression, and addiction. It’s not all dark, there’s humour. It’s just my journey, but I think… hopefully… there’s something there that connects with people. There are universal messages,” Richard told The Voice in a phone interview.

“It’s a deeply personal album and I’m looking forward to sharing it live in front of a crowd.”

Richard is a rap artist that goes by the stage name SRVENT, and his Old Grind show is actually a return to the original seed of his young career. He remembers doing some original music during an open mic night several years ago.

“It was really my first time performing songs with words in front of a crowd… I think that’s the magic of open mic… my story isn’t different from a lot of other people in that sense,” he said.

Richard’s show will feature special guest Shay Esposito, who will open with an acoustical performance and provide supporting vocals.

Speaking to his art, Richard said that the hip hop that he performs is not the stereotypical gangster rap or ‘braggadocious’ style that many people associate with the genre.

“There’s a meaning and depth. It’s not all heavy bass. I hope people come out that don’t know what to expect. It will be great for people to get an exposure to what can happen with the art form,” he said.

Richard said the summer was a little chaotic after moving, but that he has his recording studio mostly set up at the new place and that he’s looking forward to move ahead with new recordings.

“I am sitting on a lot of music right now that I would like to get out there. I probably have at least another album’s worth, but the focus is on getting some things moving forward with Identity,” said Richard, adding that there will be a number of videos released for the album online.

The show starts at 7 pm and advance tickets are available online through Eventbrite or by clicking a link at Tickets will also be available at the door.