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SRVENT (Spencer Richard) is a rap artist and producer from Alberta, Canada. He was born in Edmonton, raised in Hinton, and now lives in Edson.

Spencer’s introduction to rap music was hearing Eminem blaring from his brother’s bedroom when he was in sixth grade. As these things go, he didn’t like it at first but what started as resistance turned into full-on adoration. Playing the piano was something he’d been doing his whole life, composing original music as far back as he could remember, and writing fiction was a passion of his, but writing lyrics wasn’t yet. Poetry wasn’t. But at the age of 17 he taught himself how to play guitar and started writing songs with words. With every song he found himself quickening the lyrics and tightening the internal rhymes. It took another five years or so, keeping rap as his relatively secret love affair, before it started to come out publicly.

In 2015, Spencer put forth a Kickstarter to help him get the professional music software, Ableton Live, and the Kickstarter was funded. So ever since October of 2015, he’s found himself taking his strength of composition and combining it with a skill set of producing. Save for the odd remix, he produces all of his own music from his home studio; recording, mixing, and mastering it as well.

SRVENT released his first full-length album, ‘Identity’, in June 2018. His music is a blend of extremely lyrical Hip-Hop mixed with wildly varying production where no two songs sound the same. His lyrics are very personal and sometimes painfully honest, though not without some humour, and his live performances are always characterized by his intense passion and energy.

Going forward, SRVENT continues to engage on social media, perform, pump out new music (and visuals), all the while as he works with other artists as an occasional producer and builds towards completing his own second studio album.


November, 20171st Place Winner of ‘The Red Room’ remix contest put on by Red Label Records and the UK producer, LX Xander. His entry can be viewed on YouTube here.

April, 20181st Place Winner for the Yellowhead Regional Arts Festival (Film Category). His entry was the music video for his song, ‘Little Boy ft. Adam Renard‘.