7 Track EP


The Ammunition EP was released on November 29th, 2019. It is both a departure and a thematic continuation from his explorations in ‘Identity’. Following his characteristic ability to dive deep into meaningful subject matter, SRVENT personally tackles the relationship between purpose and hope through 7 brand new songs.

Ammunition was entirely produced, mixed and mastered by SRVENT in his home studio and features some vocals from the talented Kevin Rosmer. In addition, the final track sees the return of the phenomenal UK artist, Fran Minney, for a direct follow up to their collaboration song in 2018, ‘Hope’.

Although having a somewhat more defined sound since his debut album, you can always count on SRVENT for his work to be raw, personal, and flooded with meaning. Ammunition will leave a mark. Listen here.

15 Track Album


‘Identity’ was released on June 15th, 2018. In August, 2015, SRVENT threw up a Kickstarter to seek enough funding to purchase Ableton Live. Thanks to some amazing people, the starter wound up receiving international support and total funding. The promise he made for the financial supporters was a complete album in return and though it took a while, he absolutely delivered.

For most of his listeners, ‘Identity’ has been their entry point. What stood out to reviewers was the hyper-lyrical, clear and concise poetry that lined all 15 tracks. Since his process was a combination of composing and writing, what emerged were a highly variable set of songs where no two sounded alike, each in their own soundscape. Despite this mosaic approach, the sum whole of the project is a deep examination of the self that produced many beloved songs. ‘Identity’ is the rich pot of soil from which SRVENT has emerged. Listen here.




Who is SRVENT?

SRVENT (Spencer Richard) is a rap artist, producer, and freelancer based in Edson, AB, Canada. He also works in Artist Development for ArtistPro, a Los Angeles based educational company for independent artists.

Before all the music videos, projects, performing, and freelance ever came to be, Spencer started his journey with music when he was very little. His earliest… (Continue reading here.)